My Apologies...

Muskegon Online Auctions Customers,

As the owner of the Web site that leases it's services to MOA, I have received a few messages asking when the location will be open, where is your stuff, and what's going on? I'm sorry but I do not know the answers to your questions. I've tried countless times to connect to the owner of MOA for the answers and it has gotten limited responses.

The operaters of Muskegon Online Auctions and Thrift shop has your paper work, knows how, and where we can get our stuff back, and or payment. I have asked numerous times for her to interact with MOA customers and haven't gotten any where. The operators has told others and me that she's going through a structural changes in her life, and trying to complete inventory to get things started at the new building. I have been fielding all the questions through the Web site offering little information about operation. Please contact the owner directly her phone number is on the contact page. Texting her seems to get the best response.

A group of customers is sharing information to find the best way people can get their stuff back. If you're interested in joining these customers please send me an e-mail and I'll connect you. The new building is across the street from the old building (927 W. Laketon) on Hudson and Laketon St. I think the address is 951 Laketon Avenue.

Believe me I understand your frustrations and hope that these problems can be fixed as soon as possible. This has been a very expensive lesson for me, and I want to assure you that I have no interest in keeping your stuff, nor do I have access to your things. This is the only confirmed information I have. Muskegon Online Actions Web will no longer function as Online Auction. I hope to secure another online auction to MOA customers at a discount.

Thank You!

ClinCorp Group LLC